Below is a list of the core classes we teach, but we are innovators in the space and we are always creating new programs.

Wine Camp

Learn the basics of wine from A - Z! Smell and taste seven types of wine and build your knowledge of its history, how it’s made, what to pair with it, how to serve it, and how to purchase and store it. Over 60,000 people have taken this class; offered quarterly, Wine Camp always sells out.

LearnAboutWine School (L.A.W. School)

A four-week wine credential program for trade professionals and passionate consumers. LearnAboutWine/wineLA is recognized as a regional leader in education - this class has a 90% pass rate (when you complete the program) and provides world wine competency, advanced tasting skills, and rock solid fundamentals. Pass our "Beverage Aptitude Review” (aka BAR Exam) and you will be one of the upper 5% and capable of moving quickly to the next level. Graduates receive a Junior Wine Executive (JWE) credential, lapel pin, wall certificate and confidence in the application process for future placement in the wine industry (and you’ll proudly be able to pick the wine off the list at your next social function!).


Advanced Wine Tasting (AWT)  - Credential Prep and Continued Study

(Ideal for LAW SCHOOL GRADS, CSW & CWE Students and Graduates, ADVANCED SOMMELIER students and Graduates, WSET grades of all levels)

ATW was created for students preparing for and wanting to maintain an advanced state of mind.  You don’t use it, you lose it…this program keeps you sharp.  Advanced topics will be covered, advanced blind tasting, occasional guest speakers and other opportunities that present themselves. You must have completed a certification course to quality to participate in AWT (please inquire at  This program focuses CSW level information, advanced blind tasting, advanced wine making topics, site specific map study, soil, chemistry, winemaking science, weekly quizzes, and other study information.  AWT will be offered several times a year, and no two sessions will be alike; allowing students a home for continued education.  Note: Service is not part of this program.

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate

Enjoy the sensual contrast and delights that bring wine, cheese and chocolate together - one of our top forms of entertainment and education. 10 Wines, 5 Cheeses and 5 Chocolates.

Palate Builder

As much fun as you can wine tasting!
We pour 15-18 WINES… 3 wines at a time blind, tell you what they are… and what they smell like/taste like… but not tell you which glass they are in!  You work with your team to guess the right answers… along with trivia and other competitive games at the same time…. This class helps develop tasting skills to help identify wines…. its fast, its fun… its delicious!!!  Build your palate - reinforce and expand what you know or learn it for the first time. This class is fun for everyone.


This two and half hour course will help you explore your career options including importing, distributing, negotiating, marketing, and sales. Learn from resident wine industry experts about the past, present, and future of this dynamic industry. This class is perfect for someone who is trying to break into the industry, as well as for those who are looking to expand their insight in to the wine-drinking world.


A spectacular gathering of wines - tasted four at a time - blind. Taste over $1200 worth of noteworthy Pinot Noir with a Petite cheese plate... the audience will be large, fun, and social... the wines will be legendary.



In this experience - you will receive life changing appreciation for Champagne…. Understand how it's made - understand what you like - gain insights in the language of Champagne. We discuss all the wines… and tell you the brand stories…. smaller producers, major players, top vintage efforts and a few tête (head) cuvées such as Roederer’s Cristal… Dom Pérignon… and more!


Shake Shake vs In and Out - this is what a competition is all about. Who makes the better burger–and fries? This is good eating with great beverage.... & we will live to tell about it!!!


This event will feature some of the best Cabernet based wines in the business … and over $10,000 total food and beverage being provided. All wines are tasted blind and then revealed: in order to enhance the experience and introduce your palate to unbiased tastes of impeccable wines.