March 28 – 31, 2019

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley - continuous elevation, new brands, new stories, smaller producers - we push to meet the best in the business. For years, wineLA has hosted exclusive visits to the Napa Valley - visiting the families, the owners, the estates that are shaping the worlds greatest wine region.

wineLA makes a few bold statements 

• The Napa Valley is among the top 5 destinations for fine wine and food in the world.

• The wines of the Napa Valley are at all time high levels of quality;  prices have surpassed regions such as Bordeaux and Tuscany and Napa Valley is now the most expensive wine region in the world.  8x’s smaller than Bordeaux…demand is out stripping supply.

• Inside Napa Valley – we are approaching 600 small, medium, large and very large wine brands.

• On this trip, we visit "the tiny"…the smallest of the small…the artists that have no distribution, that require appointments, and that have amazing stories to tell.

• This trip is limited to 8-10 guests. 

• Napa Valley is an ultra premier destination – the costs of this trip create value for the savvy traveler and include:  transpiration between wineries, meals, appointments, all tasting appointments, and a room of your selection, as well as all meals that are listed

• Thursday: Optional bonus day featuring Dinner option at the French Laundry.



THURSDAY:  Optional bonus day
featuring Dinner option at the French Laundry 

  • Arrive in Napa Valley - there are a number of convenient ways to do this without even renting a car.  

  • Upon arrival - you can check in, drop your bags, and walk around town.

  • 2:30 PM - Afternoon visit with an exclusive winery

  • 6pm Dinner at French Laundry (optional) - you may arrive just in time for dinner if you prefer.

OPTIONAL DAY includes:  Room, Transport between appointments, Dinner at French Laundry with wine, tax, tip all inclusive.

FRIDAY:  Trip officially Starts
We will depart the hotel at 10:30 and ask that all guests arrive prior.

  • Breakfast at the hotel 

  • 10:30 AM Departure for our first tour and tasting of the day

  • Followed Lunch in the Napa Valley with one of Napa’s Most Beautiful Wineries

  • Afternoon visit with an exclusive winery 

  • Back to the hotel for rest 

  • Dinner at a great Napa Valley Restaurant  

Day is all inclusive in the price.

SATURDAY:  A day of special visits
There are no repeat visits on this trip, encouraging all prior travelers to join us for this unique itinerary as we visit sites less travelled.

  • Breakfast at the hotel 

  • 10am Departure for our first tour and tasting of the day followed Lunch in the Napa Valley with one of Napa’s most exclusive wineries

  • Afternoon visit with an exclusive winery - appointment only.

  • Back to the hotel for rest and a walk around town.

  • Dinner at a great Napa Valley Restaurant 

Day is all inclusive in the price.

SUNDAY: Tranquillity and rest…
Extend your stay, enjoy a spa, or make additional appointments. 

Sleep in, rest, relax and make your own plans if  you would like to continue.

Once you have signed up with interest, you will be sent a document to fill out to secure you seat on the trip and make your selections. Trip price will be determined by the selections and options you make.

*Guest must be at least 21-yrs of age and older. This trip may not be ADA friendly, certain historical wine regions may not have ADA access such as but not limited to natural mountain vineyard inclines, steep hills, although not required: sensory to see color, smell and taste wine is optimal for maximum value of this trip but not required.


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*All/any photos listed are for references only and may not be presented at our event in exact sizes, shape, form, nor exact item specified in photos references. Actual event items/food subject to change without notice. Please contact us for specific details.