Our biggest events of the year. The STARS events are a collection of tastings held throughout the year featuring some of the STARS of wine. Each event has a particular category that honors and glorifies the true celebrities of that genre. Held at some of Southern California's top hotels, events include Silent Auctions benefitting Children's Hospital of Los Angeles through the T. J. Martell Foundation.  Click the stars above to see when our next big STARS event is happening!



We are continuing to address the needs of our winery partners to keep these events outstanding and to improve the ROI. Below is the list of changes/improvements we have made to make 2017 our best year yet:

Quality of Association 
We always work with TOP locations and we use fantastic quality wine glasses, and provide lots of ROI for our wine brands. Yes, we always look to improve our events and we will work tirelessly to that end… we are incorporating continued “Best Practices” and try to listen to the producers each and every year: shortening the pouring times; pricing the tickets for ideal clientele; association with the best restaurants.

We invest
For 2017, we are taking the time to ensure that we are doing our best to help you meet your goals for our events. Our events now include wine price sheets with pricing/wholesale info available to the trade during the trade tastings and a retail wine selling sheet for the consumers to enable a legal paper transaction. By minimizing the auction focus we are taking further steps to encourage DTC wine sales. We, however, cannot do this successfully without your help and only ask that the vintners provide immediate and accurate communications regarding this pricing information - a link will be sent to you once you have signed up to participate. Sales come to you with ZERO commission, we only ask for you to include shipping on orders of $150 or more (where legal and possible).  

Less Auction, more focus on wine sales
We will be packaging auction items together to make fewer auction items available and hopefully raise as much or more for the Charity. Your big bottles and rare items will truly help and we encourage you to offer Gift Certificates for bidders to visit your wineries, vineyards, and/or tasting rooms. You may ask: if your bottles are available on the auction table why would consumers buy it from you also? Because our auctions are only going to have big lots from now on… fewer sales but larger transactions... and that is to benefit all parties.   

Attract more people to your tasting room
Our audience is your audience. Our attendees will be the people that come and visit, and help your wine list placements/your sales efforts. We put our effort in helping you “PUSH” to the trade and “PULL" through the consumer. We will provide you with an incredible event and the support you need to introduce your brand in the best possible way.


Due to the sponsorship of these event by the individual wineries, only buyers from recognized retailers, restaurants, wine shops, and licensed accounts are sponsored as well as invited Press. Any other member of the trade may attend these events for a small fee to cover the costs incurred by the vintners. If you believe you deserve a complimentary ticket to an event we encourage you to fill out the INQUIRY FORM you see below and we will either confirm your request or issue a response. If you are a sales agent, broker, or distributor, you can bring a buyer from a licensed account with you and have free admission. The spirit of our events is to promote amazing wine from top domestic and/or international producers to accounts of the greater Los Angeles marketplace.