Thank you for your interest in wineLA | LearnAboutWine a subsidiary of Wine Cloud, Inc.  By purchasing from wineLA, you understand and agree to the following terms of service and policy.  If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions and Policy, please do not proceed in registering or purchasing.  These policies affect all purchases on wineLA.com and LearnAboutWine.com.  These policies are in place inside of any of our events, offline transactions, and website transactions regardless of origin.

Wine is provided courtesy of the host.  Drinking wine is optional at our events, and not required.  Alcohol is a considered a drug and can impact your performance when impaired.  Never drink and drive - we may refuse service to anyone at anytime and refunds are not provided.  In some instances, events take place in partner venues;  we are paid consultants and do not sell wine.  We are paid wine experts and purchase the wines from licensed resale vendors. 



Location Changes

Some events may require a venue change.  We make every effort we can to contact you in advance and appreciate your accurate information to do so. We will not be held responsible for any no-shows, late arrivals. Our no-cancellation/ no-refund policy applies regardless of any given situation, any circumstance beyond the control of either party - such as acts of god, weather, government regulations, national disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities - to the extent that such circumstance makes it illegal or impossible to provide or use the event venue or war in the United States.



Classroom Settings (Rules)

Classes operate as “a class” and not a social project.  Classes hosted by experienced wine educators and attendees come to learn and enjoy. For this reason, talking during the class needs to be limited to questions with the instructor, cell phones need to be off or only used for social media.  Groups may come to the programs, but we ask you to keep the discussion limited to appropriate times, and breaks are given for casual discussion and conversation.  However, when discussion starts, all talking is strictly limited to questions for the instructor.  Classes are small and intimate and we have the policy to protect the experience of others.  Larger events are not subject to this policy.



Refund/Cancellation Policy

wineLA | LearnAboutWine requires advanced payments to secure needed expenses.  Due to the event and contents of the events perishable nature and cost of our wines and food events, advanced payments are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, no credit will be issued. As tickets are purchased, we update our team, order the anticipated amount of items on the cheese plate, wine, secure staffing to work the event, glassware, proper space, when necessary in certain programs, secure catering, security, etc. with news that guests like yourself would be attending. All such items listed and more would have been ordered/ secured in advance, enough wine would be already brought/ sent-in, in certain scenarios.. even sent in from around the world to entertain guests, and so much more to organize something spectacular for guests to come enjoy.

A no show of any kind would be devastating, the financial cost, our paid time, our labor and efforts have already been incurred, and most of all, your ticket cost has already been applied to create the exceptional experience, each and every ticket(s) purchase
prompts our team of bodies to move forward with the execution of the logistics, securing all resources, products needed for the

Therefore we unfortunately, do not offer refunds, credits, exchanges on tickets sold. Any move of credit/ interchanging credit from one event to another is not permissible, as the funds from your particular ticketed event has been allotted to that particular event.


wineLA | LearnAboutWine Ticket Policy

Please note- All ticket sales are final, sold as is. No refunds or credits will be issued once you have read, understood, agreed to our terms & conditions, policy and have complete your registration/ purchase. Any credits from gift certificates are non-transferrable and must by used by the recipient the gift certificate was issued to. Gift certificates may be subject to date restrictions. Limitations are set as to the amount of gift certificates that can be redeemed for a program. We will make our best efforts to inform you of any restrictions in advance.


Warning and Waiver of Responsibility

By signing up for a wineLA | LearnAboutWine event you are stating that you are above the age of 21 and/or of legal drinking age.  This is a adult-only event: any/ all vendors, vintners, wineries, persons attending/ participating in/ at this event, working the behind the table, tasting in front of the table, etc. must be an adult 21-yrs of age and older with valid government issue identification. No exceptions!  You are paying wineLA | LearnAboutWine for an educational experience.  You agree for wineries participating in our events to have access to your information provided during registration. You must acknowledge that wine is a drug and will affect your performance of any machinery or vehicle.  You must agree not to drive if you are over the legal limit for alcohol consumption or if you do not feel safe to drive. You must agree to keep your consumption in line with socially acceptable behavior and limit your portions to one tasting of each wine.  In addition, you take responsibility for your actions prior to, during, and following consumption of alcohol.  You will not hold wineLA | LearnAboutWine, partners, businesses, or associates of, nor Loft218 or any location, liable for your actions.  You accept responsibility for your own actions and reactions to the wine being served.  This serves as a legal posting, warning and request to protect you from yourself.  A taxi can be called for you from any event (and will be a lot less expensive for you than any legal action or incident). We thank you for understanding our concern and passion for your protection and the protection of others.


Right to use Likeness

Photographs are often taken at our events and we reserve the right to use the pictures taken at our events for promotional purposes.  Your picture may be taken, used, posted, and integrated into our wineLA | LearnAboutWine database.

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