LEARN ABOUT WINE School (L.A.W. School)

A four-week credential program and certification program for trade professionals and curious consumers

Pass our BAR EXAM (Beverage Aptitude Review) and you join the ranks of the Certified Junior Wine Executives - a large and growing force in the wine world - building the foundation of wine with WORLD WINE COMPETENCY.

No wine knowledge required - we accept all applicants - we are improving the wine world "one student and one class at a time."

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Learn about wine school credential program


A continued study program geared for those pursuing mastery.

Ideal for LAW SCHOOL GRADS, CSW & CWE Students and Graduates, ADVANCED SOMMELIER students and Graduates, WSET grades of all levels

AWT was created for students preparing for and wanting to maintain an ADVANCED state of mind.  You don’t use it, you lose it…this program keeps you sharp.  Advanced topics will be covered, advanced blind tasting, occasional guest speakers and other opportunities that present themselves. You must have completed a certification course to quality to participate in AWT (please inquire at  This program focuses CSW level information, advanced blind tasting, advanced winemaking topics, site specific map study, soil, chemistry, winemaking science, weekly quizzes, and other study information.  AWT will be offered several times a year, and no two sessions will be alike; allowing students a home for continued education.  Note: Service is not part of this program.

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For Wine Trade & Advanced Consumers - wineLA has partnered with Society of Wine Educators to provide exam preparation for the rigorous Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) Certification. Designed to build upon working knowledge of wine (some experience is required - such as LAW School Credential or basic Sommelier Credential; other past wine educational elements can be accepted). 
This program will provide an in depth knowledge of Viticulture, Enology and the wine regions of the world. 

Recognized worldwide as the official credential necessary to work in the wine workplace; a must for Advanced wine students and consumers alike.

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