Wine Camp

The Internet's #1 Intro to Wine Class is now available nationwide… endorsed by The Los Angeles Times, CBS News, and 100,000+ students!

Whether you’re new to wine, or you’re someone who wants to take your wine knowledge to the next level; Wine Camp is the perfect introductory class. We’ll give you the confidence and foundation you need to explore the world of wine and grow.

Advanced Wine

A second-tier program … for those well-travelled, you can either start here or visit our Wine Camp - Introduction to Wine™. This program deep dives into the classics and provide talking points and perspective that you can build your wine knowledge around. Establish a full suite of talking points about the greatest wine regions in the world of wine, expand your ability to discuss the marques and the jewels.

Learn About Wine School

"Sommelier" is a job title - to get there, one needs detailed product knowledge and a credentialed resume.

Over 1500 Graduates have successful completed this multi-week wine program course. Ideal for those focusing on beginning or advancing a wine career or eager to become a wine-savvy and credentialed consumer. Each week we work to grow your understanding and build towards world wine competency, achieved through tasting, course work, and a proprietary credential exam.

Palate Builder

“As much fun as you can have wine tasting” – one of our guests gave us this quote years ago and it stuck! Join us for a 2-hour tasting experience or hire us to provide this program for your staff, clients or family.

Understand more, gain knowledge and build your palate! of course we have fun along the way in this part-wine tasting, part-game show experience … no experience necessary but those that answer the most questions accumulate the most points and win.

Wine Cheese and Chocolate

Not all classes need to feel like a class… this is a A special program that bringing together three divine creations: Wine, Cheese and Chocolate! Explore the sensual contrasts and delights that each element brings as we learn about the production process to better understand the product – you will taste them differently going forward. Every class has a different set of seasonal artisan cheeses ✧ Unique wines in every program (no wine list is ever the same twice) ✧ Amazing chocolate from the best producers in the world!


Do you have passion for the wine industry? Do you like your current job? Are you defined by your career? Do you enjoy where your future lies? Do you want to find out what opportunities exist in wine? Treat yourself to an informative discussion about the wine industry and the vast opportunities that could be open to you!

Learn from our resident 20-year industry expert and Master of Wine Student, Ian Blackburn, about the past - present - and future of this dynamic industry. This class is perfect for someone who is trying to break into the industry, as well as for those who are looking to expand their insight in the wine drinking world.


Ian Todd Blackburn, Wine Entrepreneur

Being a wine anything wasn’t part of the original plan - and when you're raised in a military family, drinking wine may not be the first idea that comes to mind, either. Ian discovered the wine industry at the ripe age of 21 and didn't consider it a career option, but working for top chefs in the formidable dining rooms of early 1990s Los Angeles blew doors open - leading Ian to a career in wine education.

In 1995, he started the internet’s first website dedicated to teaching the world about wine: Hosting 100 classes a year for about 20 years – Ian is finally starting to get the hang of this. In 2009, Ian and his best friend Clay Mauritson started making wine together:; while this brand remains a small production, Ian hopes to grow Beekeeper Zinfandel into something special.
Working with and around great wine brands for most of his adult-life, and leading wine tours and culinary adventures around the world - Ian loves to share his story and his passion.

When Covid shut down his event business, Ian pivoted full circle and restarted and launched as a way to bring his version of wine education and entertainment to a limitless audience. With his family’s wine store, virtual wine tastings with wine delivered "at home"; is the latest chapter in the evolution of Ian’s dedication to wine education and the wine lifestyle. This bio is a work in progress…let's see what the next vintage provides. In the meantime, Ian continues to study for his Masters of Wine and to write his next book about his journey.