A continued study program geared for those pursuing MASTERy

(Ideal for LAW SCHOOL GRADS, CSW & CWE Students and Graduates, ADVANCED SOMMELIER students and Graduates, WSET grades of all levels)

AWT was created for students preparing for and wanting to maintain an ADVANCED state of mind.  You don’t use it, you lose it…this program keeps you sharp.  Advanced topics will be covered, advanced blind tasting, occasional guest speakers and other opportunities that present themselves. You must have completed a certification course to quality to participate in AWT (please inquire at TLC@wineLA.com).  This program focuses CSW level information, advanced blind tasting, advanced winemaking topics, site specific map study, soil, chemistry, winemaking science, weekly quizzes, and other study information.  AWT will be offered several times a year, and no two sessions will be alike; allowing students a home for continued education.  Note: Service is not part of this program.



- 1. Must hold a wine credential
        LAW School
        Sommelier Level I or II S
        WSET (any level)
        Master of Wine Student
        Advanced or Master Sommelier Student
- 2. We taste blind
Each student will be required to invest in a bottle of wine selected from the fish bowl - specific directions for the wine are included, wine expenses will be significant in this program (and additional) 
- 3. We explore regions, map study, soil study, chemistry, dry tasting notes,  advanced winemaking study, have guest appearances, deep dive on topical issues.


EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR - Which class is for you?

Are you a wine beginner?
Try our Wine Camp program - a basic foundation course, but also a good “train the trainer” program.
 We pour top quality wines and explore the world of wine in 2 hours… a great place to start.

Are you a passionate professional or consumer?
Try our program LAW SCHOOL - LearnAboutWine School - 4-week credential program promising “world wine competency” - Celebrating over 1,000 graduates in 10 years, LAW SCHOOL pushes you to form a great wine foundation.  Ideal for those that have read many books, traveled extensively, and collected wine for years.  We taste weekly and use some of the great wines made.

- Examples:  What are the grape varietals in Bordeaux, Rioja, Chianti?  Name 3 Greek grape
varietals and 3 Greek wine appellations.  Name the primary growing areas for Malbec, Pinot Gris.
 Take me through the entire winemaking process:  Dry wine, Off Dry, Fortified and Sparkling.  
This is not wine for dummy’s - this is a very structured book oriented program that everyone should
attend, but you will need to commit to homework, reading and research… and you will need time to
do that.

Are you advanced?  Do you have a credential?  

Are you a working wine professional with experience?  Or someone with a credential that is looking for what is next?  Or do you love to taste and learn on a weekly basis - and want to surround yourself with wine elite to learn and enjoy the experience with… well this program might be for you.

- Examples:  Name the primary growing areas in Bordeaux in order north to south and east to west.  Name the Grand Cru villages of Alsace, Burgundy, and the Great Growths of Tokaji.  Explain stuck fermentation and ways to proceed.  Explain bulk wine storage and ways to protect bulk wine.  Explain quality levels of Australian Shiraz, contemporary issues affecting wine in 2018?  Detail out the new wine LAWS in Spain, Germany, and additions to the DOC in ITALY.  

- Blind tasting - students should have recognition of all primary varietals from all primary zones as
we taste and discuss as peers - some of the greatest wines ever produced at ALL price-points.


  • 5-weeks of tasting and in class instruction and tasting

    • Homework is required for all students

    • All students will present on a topic

    • All students will purchase fine wine weekly - as selected from the FISH BOWL OF MASTERY - a random way to assign wine study.

  • No exam is included in this program but assistance towards preparation, areas of weakness, are all taken into consideration.

  • Educational materials - book purchases - will be additional

  • No two sessions of AWT will be the same… we will not conquer the world of wine in only 5 weeks but continue to address it in random order.

  • Can work with those applying for CSW, CWE, WSET and Sommelier level II and Advanced and other sophisticated and recognized programs.

There is a considerable amount of out of class study, and a significant wine purchasing assignment for homework.  During the 5 week program, each student is asked to purchase approx. 5-10 bottles of authentic/typical quality (ultra-premium) wine to be tasted during the program and shared with all students and the remaining wine to remain in the catalog for future blind study.  

Presentation - Each student will be asked to present an outline about a unique wine region.  All students will be quizzed on that region each week - to encourage and motivate. 

Questions will be pulled from the textbook. Wine tasting exploration will be accomplished through blind tasting and varietal comparison each week.


*Program is once a week for five weeks


*All ticket sales are final, no refunds, no exchanges, no credits. Ticket(s) are transferable, contact us for transfer details: tlc@wineLA.com, cc: office@wineLA.com. 

*All/any photos listed are for references only and may not be presented at our event in exact sizes, shape, form, nor exact item specified in photos references. Actual event items/food subject to change without notice. Please contact us for specific details.


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