SUNDAY / APRIL 1, 2018 - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM





Including Free Wine Tasting to guests that are shopping

  • Wine glasses

  • Free wine tasting to guests that are shopping - I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and probably will need to do that!

  • Kitchen wares 

  • Designer clothes

  • Music (CDS) 

  • OLD stuff - we have cool old stuff

  • Wine glasses (of course - we have thousands of them) 

  • Books 

  • Wine Boxes (wood) 

  • COOL JUNK - our cool junk is pretty awesome

  • Artwork 

  • Decanters 

  • Jewelry 

  • Our Dog - Mrs Jones is for sale at $13 million - everything is for sale!

  • Come and just pop in to say high and have a glass of wine.

  • Did I mention we have a ton of wine glasses?

  • Wine chillers

  • Wine things - openers, pots, plates

  • Plastic stuff we bought we wish we had not

  • Old stuff that needs to be replaced

  • More will be added to this list as we rediscover it…. its been in a box for a year??? Its going up for sale.

  • Wedding gifts we didn’t use (don’t be offended people - we are all about love and not owning shit we don’t need) 

  • That sweater that doesn’t fit

  • Those really cool things that have been in the drawer for years…. they are going away now!!!

  • Come see all my cool old stuff and take some to your house!

We have no space to move… We have too much STUFF

come and take what you like at a fair price.



wineLA is about enhancing the wine culture of Los Angeles. To do so, wine must be in rhythm with fashion, music, food and other beverages. It must take advantage of the geography, the architecture and the centers of interest. Los Angeles is a giant playground with an amazing array of venues, spaces, wine bars, restaurants, beaches, roof tops, gardens, and magical views. We want to be a part of the LA lifestyle, the wine lifestyle, and celebrate the people, the place and the passion.

wineLA will promote significant events, occasional classes, and tastings of merit. This is phase two of what we started 20 years ago at - America’s first wine education website and first in wine event creation. LearnAboutWine will now evolve onto a digital platform; the transformation will take some time; so we will slowly rebrand our event efforts onto wineLA, reduce the number of activities we focus on, and elevate our efforts to focus on the next big thing… Doing what is best for the wine industry and the communities we serve. Edicts: innovate, evolve and excite.

We thank you for joining our newsletter, we will be sending fewer emails and packing them with amazing content. We want to be your wine content provider and would love to hear about your favorite places, your music, your locations - we want to be under the influence of what ignites your passion for Los Angeles.

Ian Blackburn, CSW, JWE ­‐ LearnAboutWine & wineLA Professional Sommelier, Candidate for the Master of Wine

Ian drinks wine for a living and plans 50 ­‐100 public and private events a year. Ian stays busy buying collectible wines for high profile clients, planning luxury wine trips for his audience, hosting corporate events, and studying for his Master of Wine. Since 1995, LearnAboutWine has done the hard work of building a better culture for fine wine, opening the doors for more quality products to enter the marketplace and has taught over 800,000 students. With a reach of over 80,000 current subscribers and followers, LearnAboutWine now focuses on the best quality events and classes, and wine credential programs which have graduated over 1000 wine students in the last 9 years with a Junior Wine Executive credential (JWE). See what is happening NOW at our new website

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