ABOUT brunello vs barolo vs super tuscan

Thursday,  June 14, 2018

Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica
114 W Channel Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Taste over $5000 worth of collectable wine plus a multi-course meal at one of Los Angeles' most exclusive restaurant venues. This event will sell out at 22 guests, we poor these wines in flights of three - blind and guess - which is Barolo / Brunello or Super Tuscan and then we reveal. It is fun, competitve and you need not know anything about the wines to have a great time. However, the most savvy of wine collector will tell you that the wines do not get much better than this... 21 wines - 1-1.25 ounce pours - 21 wines when sold out - about a bottle of wine per guest with dinner - please do not drink and drive - UBER is your friend.  
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BAROLO - The King of Italian wines made from Nebbiolo in Barolo

Roberto Voerzio 'Fossati Case Nere' Riserva 10 Anni, Barolo DOCG, Italy 2005 - 97 points - $350 value

Poderi Aldo Conterno Colonnello, Barolo DOCG, Italy 2010 - 98 WS - Valued at $180

Falletto di Bruno Giacosa 'Falletto', Barolo DOCG, Italy 2001 92 points - Valued at $150

Castellana Barolo Stravecchio DOCG, Piedmont, Italy 1955 - Valued over $300

Giuseppe Mascarello, Barolo DOCG, Piedmont, Italy 1964 - Valued over $500 a bottle (rare)

Domenico Clerico Ciabot Mentin "Ginestra", Barolo DOCG, Italy 2004 - Valued at $150

Cavallotto "Bricco Boschis" Vigna San Giuseppe, Barolo Riserva DOCG, Italy 2008 - WS 94 - Valued at $120

BRUNELLO Di MONTALCINO - the collectable wines of Tuscany
made from 100% Sangiovese Grosso

Marchesi Antinori "Pian Delle Vigne" 1997 (#7 wine of the WS in 2002) - Valued at $150

Biondi-Santi "Tenuta Il Greppo" 2001 - Valued at $250

Valdicava 2006 - 96 Parker, Valued at $110

Tenute Silvio Nardi "Poggio Doria" 2010 - 93 points - Valued at $125

Casanova di Neri "Cerretalto" 2004 - 98 points, Valued at $250

Fuligni, DOCG, 2007 - 95 points - Valued at $125

Altesino Riserva, 2007 - WS 94 - Valued at $100

SUPER TUSCAN (Wines from Tuscany made with Bordeaux varietals or Bordeaux and Italian varietal blends)

Masseto, 2001 - 97 points Robert Parker - Valued at $1200 (Merlot) - one of the worlds most collectable wines

Tua Rita "Redigaffi" 2006 - 95 points - $200+ (Merlot)

Tenuta dei Sette Cieli 'Scipio' 2009 - JS 98 - $150 (Cab Franc)

Tenuta San Guido "Sassicaia" Bolgheri 2009 - 94 points - $250 Value (Cabernet & Cab Franc)

Marchesi Antinori "Solaia" 2012 - 95 WS - $250 Value (Cabernet-Sangiovese)

Le Macchiole 'Paleo' Bolgheri 2001 - 98 Vinous/ 97 Parker - $140 (Cabernet Franc)

Le Pupille 'Saffredi' Maremma 2004 - 95 points - $100 (Bordeaux Blend)



our policy and procedures - built to add confidence and understanding

Early Bird Sign Ups: 
The first guests will be guaranteed the lowest price and should any discount or price break be offered - those early sign ups will either have been offered the lowest price or be offered any downward adjustment should one be offered as failure of a dinner is not an option… the dinner will either go or be cancelled…the best price is offered until the dinner is secured and then price increases will begin.  Sometimes we increase the price of the dinner and then offer a discount to our mailing list at wineLA but they will never pay less than the first sign ups… or the first sign ups will be given a price adjustment.  We want to be forthcoming with our process so you understand and see the benefits of being an early sign up.  

Wine Policy
We promise to open approximately 1-bottle per paid guest. Basically - smaller dinners will feature fewer bottles of wine but with LARGER pours per guest…. as more guests come on board - the pour sizes decrease in total size but the number of bottles and number of pours increase. You will always get poured the same amount of total wine in ounces at one of our events.  Should we promote a dinner with say 21 wines - we only intend to open 21 if 21 seats are sold. In the event of weaker than anticipated sales, we will decrease the number of bottles to allow the dinner to continue but increase the pour sizes in the bottles we open so the same amount of wine is provided regardless of event size.  The wines we decide to open and not open will be a justifiable mixture of wines but typically - we do open the stars of the show regardless. However, we never guarantee that the wine will be perfect - as we can not get a refund from the bottles purchased… and if the wine is flawed, we will discuss it.  Fortunately - we have been working with collectable wine for many years and no how to protect our clients and have earned our clients trust because we have time and time again - delivered on the promises we make. 

Tipping - the additional Captains tip is optional
The dinner is sold all inclusive - meaning we pay the restaurant, and they are including tax and tip in the amount of the food which is typically a significant amount.  My team then works for what would be considered a "Captain Tip" in the old days… as formal restaurants have more than a front waiter - they add a captain… and that captain is typically tipped additionally back in the day… We are pouring a large number of wines - and if we do our job correctly - it should work like a ballet - so that you see the grace and enjoy the show… and have few concerns as we do things properly.  Even the fact that the example wines are exception deserves an additional consideration - as we sometimes pay more for wines with great providence then the lowest price found on wine-searcher . we buy great bottles and spare no expense in acquiring them… if all the wines were great - you may want to add additional gratuity.  If a wine fails - we can not refund but perhaps you pull back on additional gratuity as should only earn a great tip if the event is truly great. To ensure a great experience, we hire extra staff, staff that go untipped unless the additional gratuity is provided.  We provide extra glassware with extra work on both the set up and the conclusion of the event. Unfortunately we do not get to create a super mark up for the dinners as the dinners are already expensive enough and we need to offer value. No restaurant in LA will provide 21 glasses without additional rental fees - so we must provide our own excellent and costly glasses and the staff that handle the wine need expertise - which we also think deserves an additional Captains tip… we hope you agree.

Please review carefully any programs you may be interested in that may involve food/ refreshments and/ or beverages. Unfortunately, Refreshments/ Food & Beverage Substitutions are Politely Declined. We try our best to accommodate food limitations/ restrictions. However, it is our policy is to inform you that we make no promises or guarantees of any particular food/ beverage accommodations, regardless of whether wineLA or our third-party venue is providing refreshments/ food and/ or beverages. We make no promises/ guarantees that if/ any refreshments/ food and/ or beverages are free of any allergens, health restricting products. We will not be held responsible/ liable for if/ any illness that may occur while consuming at his/her own free will and at his/ her own discretion. Tickets for any/ all classes, programs, events, travel, tickets in general are non-refundable. If you have any questions, concerns, please feel free to contact us at TLC@wineLA.com before purchasing any ticket(s).